Hi, I am Mashhood Ali, a Content Writer, SEO Analyst and a blogger and doing all these for the last 3 years helping the firm with my experience in crafting engaging articles, optimizing content for search engines

Till now, I have worked for several small-tomid sized firm full-time and part-time in writing engaging contents, either long blog article or to-the-point dedicated affiliate product article. With my strong experience in SEO, I have successfully helped the firm ranked their articles in the first page of search results.

Beyond writing, I possess a passion for research and possess a keen understanding of marketing principles. This allows me to effectively identify trending topics and craft content that aligns with your company's overall marketing strategy. I am a quick learner and can adapt my writing style to suit different purposes, ensuring all content is clear, concise, and informative.

Recently I did a 3 months SEO-CUM-MARKETING Internship at DevTown, where I worked on several real SEO projects of the company. In the internship, I was trained with some the latest trends and practices of the modern day SEO. I was also trained on how to run paid ads on Google Adwords, Facebook etc to get genuine clients for the products and services.

In 2022, I graduated with a Master's degree in Electronics from Jamia Millia Islamia University. While there i studied lots of theoretical and practical concepts of Electronics and Communications and Core programming in C and C++. I also worked on a Machine Learning Application as a final year project there.


Blog Writing 4/5

Dedicated Product Affiliate Writing - 3.5/5

Storytelling - 3.5/5

SEO - 4.5/5

Marketing Skills - 3/5

Presentational Skills - 4/5

Research Skills - 4.5/5

Few of My Articles

Finance Niche Article

This is a finance niche article where I wrote about the financial planning and the terms around it. It is a consize and crisp article.

Programming Article

This is a long programming article with title 'Django Python Tutorial: Beginner to Advance'. I have a very good knowledge of web development and I have been writing about it for the last 2 years.

Gadgets and Insurance Related Article

In this article, I have written about gadget insurance (The webmaster has changed the article in his own way)

Tech Article related to Coding

This is an informational and long content related to coding and software with title 'Application Programming Interface (API) in simple terms'

Software/Service Related Article

This is a long article which I have written about Google G-Suite Services. In this, I have explained in detail about the product.

Tutorial Article about SQL Language

This is a blog tutorial on SQL for beginners which I write in a long and descriptive way.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Internship

MySQL and Tableau for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence - Udemy

Contact me for Freelance Projects at: [email protected]