Hi, I am Mashhood Ali, a Data Analyst, Web Developer and an Amateur Blogger. For the last 1.4 years I am working as a Data Analyst at Clickon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

At my current company, I honed my analytical abilities and gained proficiency in using tools such as Tableau, MS Excel, and SQL to derive actionable insights from complex datasets. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to translate data-driven findings into strategic business decisions, contributing to increased efficiency and optimized processes.

I also did an internship for four months at DevTown, where I learned even more about data science. This helped me become better at solving problems using data and fancy techniques. I can also build things on the internet, which helps make data easier to understand for everyone.

In 2022, I graduated with a Master's degree in Electronics from Jamia Millia Islamia University. While there i studied lots of theoretical and practical concepts of Electronics and Communications and Core programming in C and C++. I also worked on a Machine Learning Application as a final year project there.

One of my passions outside of work is sharing knowledge through blogging. I occasionally write about technology trends, data-driven insights, and industry developments, demonstrating my ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner. This passion reflects my commitment to staying current in the field and contributing to its growth. Doing blogging also made me familiar with SEO and tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.


Data Analytics

Visualization (Tableau / Pandas / Matplotlib) - 4/5

SQL - 3.5/5

Mathematical Statics - 3/5

Machine Learning

Scikit-Learn - 4/5

Tensorflow - 3/5

OpenCV - 2/5


Python - 4/5


PHP - 3/5

Web Analytics

Google Analytics - 4/5

Google Search Console - 4/5

AWS / GCP - 2/5


Employee Data Analysis SQL Project

This is an SQL project to analyze the employees data of a company. In this project, I have used various SQL complex commands like JOIN, Group by to answer the questions asked.

HR Data Analysis Dashboard in Tableau

This is HR data of employess in a company in which I have analyzed the attrition of employees based on their departments, gender, age etc. I have taken various KPI like 'employee count', 'attrition count' and others which can be seen using various filters like Gender Filter, Department Filter etc.

House Sales Price Data Visualization and Dashboard Making in Tableau

In this project, I have taken Washington House Sales Price Data to visualize it in Tableau. In this, we have used filters like calender, year-built, sqft Lot, and sqft Living to analyze different parameters like distribution of house prices, price heatmap, distribution of bathrooms and bedrooms etc.

FIFA Player's Data Analysis Using Python and WebScraping

In this project, I have scraped the website '' using BeautifulSoup to get the data. Perform basic EDA and data cleansing to get all the clean data. Analyzed the player's data using Python libraries like pandas, numpy, matplolib, and seaborn. And finally answered some questions like 'Top 10 best players according to their potential', 'Which player is getting highest salary', 'Top 10 oldest players' etc.

Loan Status Prediction Data Science Project

This is a Loan Status Precticting Data Science project which I did during the DevTown internship in which we have first taken the raw data, done some initial EDA, cleaned the data which took most of the time, visualize the data, answered some questions asked by the tutor and finally created a Machine Learning model.

SQL Tutorial for Beginnners (Article)

This is a blog tutorial on SQL for beginners which I write for my website. It gives a consize and to the point learning material for the beginners.


Data Science Internship Certification - DevTown

MySQL and Tableau for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence - Udemy


Contact me for Freelance Projects at: [email protected]